Dog Training Education Month

Dogs can truly be man’s best friend, but sometimes it takes a little (and sometimes it takes a LOT) of training to reinforce good behaviors. It can be quite a challenge to be around a dog that is very excitable, jumps on people, runs around knocking things over, or potentially even bites someone.

It doesn’t take an overwhelming amount of work to teach a dog basic obedience, but it’s a process that can go a long way towards getting rid of some of those unwanted behaviors that your pup is dealing with. If you’re not aware, February is Dog Training Education Month, and Williams DeLoatche, P.C. understands the importance of teaching your dog how to properly behave so that you, your family, and other people that you encounter are safe when they’re around your dog.

What Is Dog Training Education Month?

Dog Training Education Month is a national event that encourages pet owners to work with their dog on different obedience training techniques. It can be difficult and time-consuming at first to teach your dog how to behave, and unfortunately many pet owners give up quickly. This can lead to uncomfortable and unsafe situations that put both your dog and others at risk. This event takes place for the entire month of February, although training your dog is something that you should focus on year-round. Also, it’s important to note that puppies aren’t the only dogs that can be trained. You can, and should, teach older animals to change their bad behaviors, though it can sometimes take a little more effort to get them motivated and to respond to your requests.

Woman crouches in the grass training her Jack Russell Terrier how to jump


The Process Starts with You

While your dog is the one that will go through training, you are the owner that needs to reinforce that training and reward good behavior. Some people prefer to train their dog on their own, but not all pet owners are confident that they have the knowledge or experience needed in order to make that happen. You don’t have to go through this process alone. There are likely all kinds of dog training resources available in your area. Depending on the type of breed that you own and their behavior, you can sign up for weekly classes that you participate in with other dogs present, you can have a trainer come to your home to work with you and your dog, and so on.

Trained Dogs Know What’s Expected of Them

While there are some breeds of dogs that are truly people pleasers, the majority of dogs really do want to please their owners. The problem is, they might not understand what is expected of them in regard to their behavior. They’re not sure whether you want them to stay quiet and calm in a situation or if you’re ok with them running around and barking. As you work with your dog on learning what unwanted behaviors are versus the behavior that’s praised and encouraged, they will learn to know what’s expected of them. They will learn to respond to certain situations appropriately without you having to give them a command, so that’s essentially what you’re working towards.

Woman training Pomeranian to stay


Trained Dogs Know Their Place in the Pack

If you have more than one dog, have multiple animals in your home, or your dog is frequently around other animals, their training is very important so they can understand what their place is in that group. If you have multiple dogs that are trying to prove that they’re the top dog, this can lead to fights and bad behavior. A trained animal can remain much calmer and will think about their behavior before they immediately act out. A large part of dog obedience training is bringing your dog around other dogs to reinforce the kind of behavior that they should be using versus what not to do.

What Should You Do If You’re Bitten by Someone’s Dog

An untrained dog can end up biting a person they encounter, whether it’s because they’re scared, nervous, or on alert. If you or someone that you know has been attacked by someone else’s dog, you’ll want to reach out to Williams DeLoatche, P.C. as soon as possible. Our staff practices law in a number of areas, including dog bites. We can make sure that you get the compensation and support that you deserve so you can recover fully.

Chihuahua puppy biting a man’s hand on a blurred background


If you have a dog of your own, Williams DeLoatche, P.C. encourages you to consider utilizing obedience training to enhance your dog’s good behavior so they are one of the best-behaved pups in town. It’s important that you avoid getting bit by a dog, but you also don’t want to worry about your dog being the one to show bad behavior towards someone else or another dog.