What to Do After a Dog Bite – The Most Important Steps

While most dogs are happy to provide endless love and companionship, even the gentlest canine can react aggressively under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. Since dog bite injuries can have significant physical, emotional, financial, and […]

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Home Renovation? Tips To Protect Yourself Against Liability and Headaches

A home renovation can be exciting but equally stressful project. Any time you open your home to contracted workers that will be tearing apart walls and engaging in potentially hazardous activities like using ladders, power tools, or electrical work you increase the chances for something to go wrong. Some potential hazards that may occur: Uninsured […]

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Update – Two Keystone Measures From the Insurance Reform Package Have Passed Both Houses

As reported by the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Legislative Team: Two keystone measures from the insurance reform package have passed both houses of the legislature and are on their way to the Governor. Increase the General District Court jurisdiction to $50,000 for personal injury and wrongful death cases. (Senate Bill 1108) Thanks to persuasive presentations […]

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Proposed Laws That Can Greatly Help Auto Accident Victims Hang In the Balance

There are three new proposed changes in the Virginia Law that would greatly help victims of automobile accidents. The proposed changes have passed the Senate and are pending in the House of Delegates. Please read the information below to learn how they may directly impact your case. And, if you are interested in helping ensure […]

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If Winter Weather Should Surprise Us Be Prepared – Top Winter Driving Safety Tips!

With the mild weather we have had so far, many might be thinking that spring is right around the corner. But, there are still plenty of winter days left on the calendar. If we should receive some snow or ice this winter, we want to make sure you are ready by providing helpful reminders and […]

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Starting January 1, 2021, It Will Be a Traffic Infraction To Hold a Cell Phone While Driving

Be prepared to put your phone away while driving! This law is technically in effect now as Governor Northam signed it earlier this year, but starting January 1, 2021, it will be unlawful for any person driving to hold a cell phone. There are exceptions to drivers who are parked or stopped, reporting an emergency, […]

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