Bike Stolen and Critical Injuries Dealt

A motorcyclist drove extremely reckless yesterday putting multiple lives at risk. "Police say that a nutcase operating at a high-rate of speed in one of Dover’s busiest intersections plowed into a small sedan and went flying through the air." A sedan driven by a 31 year old driver was making a left and was struck by the bike on the passenger side of the vehicle. The motorcycle flipped over the car and the driver went flying, sustaining critical injuries.

Coyotes in the Greenbrier area

Protect your pets, especially your cats near the Greenbrier area. Cats have recently gone missing and at least 2 have been attacked by wild coyotes. Coyote attacks can lead to personal injuries or even property damage, so we must stay alert. These wild coyotes aren't comical like Wile E. Coyote, so please if you see one do not attempt to feed or get close to it.


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