Dear Mr. Williams:

I do not believe that you and your staff received enough thanks for the action you took on my behalf. I believe that your vested interst to help people in need of recovery from personal injury cases, such as mine, would not have happened had I not been directed to you by Mrs. Carolyn S. With the odds not necessarily in our favor, you like a true "bulldog" went after the big guys, and won. It is this approach that makes you a great lawyer and I wish you and your staff much success in the future.





Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Every summer our family travels from New Jersey to the Outer Banks to vacation for a week. I have driven US 13 hundreds of times and unfortunately received a reckless driving citation while passing through Exmore on the way home last July. When I learned that I had to appear in court I didn't know how I would find the time off of work to travel back to the Eastern Shore for my court date. A colleague referred me to Williams DeLoatche Law after informing me that I did not have to appear if I had representation. Thankfully Wayne Williams was able to appear on my behalf while helping reduce my reckless driving to a speeding citation.

Hoboken, New Jersey

I didn't know all of my rights as a consumer after a local pharmacy made a mistake with my prescription medication. Fortunately I caught their mistake before I was seriously hurt, however I still wanted to make sure this sort of thing didn't happen again due to their negligence. Williams DeLoatche heard my story and took my case and with their representation I was able to do the right thing and bring to light a very important issue.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

While traveling with my family to see my parents in Virginia, I received a reckless driving citation on the Eastern Shore. Since reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia, I knew I needed a lawyer but had no idea how to find the right one. I did some research online and came across the Williams DeLoatche law firm. Although they were the third law firm I spoke with, I knew I would choose them the moment I starting talking to Mr. Williams. He was bright, friendly, compassionate and had a clear understanding of the way the local court worked in Northhampton County. He explained to me step by step what would happen and told me that he was hopeful that we could get my ticket reduced.Much to my delight, Mr. Williams contacted me the afternoon of my court date to let me know that he had gotten my ticket dismissed completely! I couldn’t be happier with the service Mr. Williams and his firm provided. All of my emails were responded to promptly and clearly and even their fees were very reasonable compared to other firms in the area.I am so thankful I called the Williams DeLoatche law firm and would recommend them highly to anyone who is in need of legal services. 

New York, NY

After my wife and I were involved in a car accident last fall we both landed in the hospital with severe injuries. Dealing with our recovery, medical insurance and the resulting bills would have been far more overwhelming if we hadn't called Williams DeLoatche, P.C. It only took one phone call to know that we didn't have to worry and that we had a team of experts on our side who definitely knew what they were doing. We both have made a full recovery and we know that we can attribute it to being able to focus on healing without worrying about dealing with the insurance company. We highly recommend Wayne Williams, Jonathan DeLoatche and their team to anyone in need of legal representation.



Chesapeake, Virginia


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